Zen Start-up Lessons:
What Nest Labs Can Teach Entrepreneurs

February 14, 2014

Nest Labs makes a smarter, Internet- connected thermostat that sells for two to three times conventional models.  Most recently, they’ve introduced a similarly empowered and priced smoke detector.  You might ask if you need a smarter thermostat or smoke detector?  You’ll have a chance to answer that for yourselves in a moment. Nest was founded […]

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The Minimum Viable Business School:
Zipcar Education for Entrepreneurs

February 7, 2014

The hotbed of education experimentation in Silicon Valley are the startup academies, accelerators and hacker boot camps.  Grounded in the minimum viable product philosophy that entrepreneurs harness to speed products to market, these new education entities offer a minimum viable education for tech entrepreneurs. You know it’s hot because the regulators have come out of […]

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Apple New Product Strategy: “Siri…What Did I Miss?”

October 23, 2013

With yesterday’s product announcements Apple confirmed that writing about Apple these days is pretty boring.  No question engineers and designers worked hard to squeeze the iPad line thinner and lighter but, yawn, they’re iPads…now with some free software.  Who hoo. For those who haven’t moved on to another site, Apple’s actions suggest: Demand is strong […]

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Apple’s 2014 New Product Strategy

June 16, 2013

Will Apple Ever Release a New Product? – headline from this week’s Street.com The above is just the most recent variant in the continuing drama “Apple After Steve Jobs.”  Investors yawned at this week’s rollout of the new iPhone operating system (IOS).  Noting the new IOS visually apes Microsoft’s two-year old Windows Mobile tiles, the […]

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You Can’t Be Serious!
The NSA is Monitoring Our Calls & Email???

June 11, 2013

Where have you been?  And so what if they are?  My president tells me they’re not listening live.  It’s like a week-old Facebook feed – who cares? Besides, they only have my phone number but that doesn’t mean they also have a reverse directory, does it?  And since they’re listening, maybe the NSA should pay […]

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The New Corporate Giving Pledge:
An Alternative to Apple’s iAvoid Tax Strategy

June 5, 2013

“Apple has always believed in the simple, not the complex. You can see this in our products and in the way we conduct ourselves.” Tim Cook in testimony before the U.S. Senate, 5/21/13 Not That Simple It’s simple to understand avoiding corporate taxes.  But crafting subsidiaries nestled in virtual crevices between international taxing authorities or […]

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The New Normal Hits Movies

May 21, 2013

Instead of watching Washington pundits dissect the AP-IRS-Benghazi drama closing in on No Drama Obama, I went to an action movie.  I couldn’t help but notice two things. First, without advertising our world would be a blank slate.  Second, if movie previews are any indication, our world will shortly be a blank slate. Advertising as […]

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Organization Antidotes for Entrepreneurs

May 20, 2013

In Getting Organized: The Entrepreneurial Death Star, I described how the chaos of growth drives startups to get organized.  Organization comes at a price yet it seems that the only options are to stay small and creative, suffer chaos, or pick execution over agility. This piece provides two alternatives. Before we start, let me ask […]

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Getting Organized: The Entrepreneurs’ Death Star

May 9, 2013

The goal of every startup is to rapidly outgrow startup size and status.  Few launch with an organization plan; nor should they.  A seminal moment occurs when the startup “gets organized” for the first time.  Like a baby’s first step, getting organized is a rite of passage.  Often begrudged, rarely is it questioned. The journey […]

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Data Dandruff Control:
The Challenges of Privacy vs. Permission

May 6, 2013

Unless you constantly cleanse yourself after every contact with the world, you’re dropping flakes of personal information behind that make the DNA information in epithelial cells found at TV crime scenes pale in comparison.  That’s data dandruff. Data dandruff comes from social network posting, cell phone and surveillance cameras, GPS sensors, web search queries, affinity […]

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A Perspective on 2013:
Looking for the Next Miracle of Scale

January 2, 2013

Almost one hundred years ago, Dwight Eisenhower departed Washington, D.C. for San Francisco as part of the first military convoy to cross the United States.  In July, 1919, most roads were unpaved and unimproved since settlers moved west.  Vehicles were slow, prone to breakdowns or tire failure. It took 62 days at an average speed […]

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