Six Lessons for Business Leaders
from the Lance Armstrong Disaster

November 15, 2012

Sports figures have longed served as icons for business leaders.  They simplify and symbolize the essence of competition by their dedication and success. As an avid cyclist, I’ve followed the meteoric rise and fall of Lance Armstrong’s career with deep interest.  Without drugs, he was one the greatest cyclists of his time.  With drugs, he […]

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7 Lessons for Business Leaders from the 2012 Election

November 8, 2012

The two major candidates raised just short of $2B in the recent election. Rather than dissecting the return on investment politically, here’s a quick look at the leadership lessons that played out over the campaign. In no particular order: 1. Get Out Ahead: President Obama defined Mitt Romney while Romney was still finishing the primaries. […]

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A Slippery Slope: Dissing Facts and Science

September 5, 2012

Every successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur I’ve met fueled their dream with rapid cycles of learning, infused with facts and feedback. Granted the Valley’s engineering heritage places a unique emphasis on data, but it is also foundational thinking for every MBA program in the world. So riddle me this Batman, how is it that the convention […]

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Implications from Apple’s Win Over Samsung:
Apple Wins, Innovation Loses But Microsoft is Smiling

August 29, 2012

Apple’s the closest company we have to a national hero.  When Apple prevailed over Samsung, I was pleased.  The good guys won. While the financial judgment is still pending, the $1-3B financial range is certainly not chump change. Yet relative to Apple and Samsung’s balance sheets, the impact is minimal. The victory was an homage […]

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Is there anything else I can help you with?

August 24, 2012

While in the process of writing several more substantive pieces, my disk drive crashed. This started a whirlwind of customer service calls.  As I get back to the other pieces, I couldn’t resist a short piece that summarizes an all-too-familiar customer experience. How many times have you called customer service, didn’t get the problem solved […]

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A New Apple Growth Strategy:
Virtual Devices Starting with Eyes Free

June 22, 2012

One would think that the big news from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference was the overdue refresh of the MacBook Pro with a sharper screen or that they’ve dropped Google maps for their own mapping technology. Not so. The developer conference is a leading indicator.  It signals where Apple is heading; where they see the next […]

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Speed Test Results Confirm:
Do Not Attack Your Top 5 Problems!

June 7, 2012

This post was inspired by my friend Steve Pile who after reading a letter I’d written to a colleague said it should be on Working Wider. Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar… Your group is totally overwhelmed.  Demands outweigh capacity 7 to 1.  There are no top priorities because now everything is at the […]

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Why Not? Elon Musk’s First Principle

June 4, 2012

When did “new and improved” become innovation? A search of annual and quarterly reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows companies mentioned some form of the word “innovation” 33,528 times last year – a 64% increase from five years before that.  More than 250 books with “innovation” in the title have been published […]

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The Public Facebook & Big Data Dilemma:
What’s Yours is Mine and What’s Mine is …Who’s?

May 23, 2012

Facebook Gets a Taste of the Social Consequences of an IPO I go nuts when I click on a friend’s Facebook posting that takes me to yet another Facebook app that wants access to my friends and other personnel data.  Facebook is forever pushing me to go public in a big way. As they say, […]

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Apple’s Biggest Problem:
Will Competitors Let Them Re-Invent Television?

April 24, 2012

What made Apple the most valuable company on earth?  Their relentless focus on creating extraordinary customer experience unveils opportunities others miss.   They attack them using proprietary hardware and software embedded into elegant consumer products that ultimately disrupt long standing business models. Because Steve Jobs told his biographer, Walter Isaacson that he’d finally “cracked TV” many […]

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Google-ize America: The No New Taxes Alternative

April 13, 2012

This piece  offers a proven approach that will dramatically cut the deficit without cutting spending or raising taxes.  Interested? Run the government as a business but not any old business. Certainly we wouldn’t want to run it like the airlines.  Who’s going to advocate that Wall Street take over the remaining parts of government they […]

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