Working Wider

About Christopher Meyer

How this got started…

After a year and a half of research, I started to pull together another book proposal.  After kicking it around with my agent, I was dissatisfied that another book was the best next step.  Summer came and while cycling at the Tour de France I began to think about publishing alternatives and the idea of this blog began to emerge.

This is an experimental journey.  I’m still finding my voice and range in this medium, hoping to shortly engage more than a book naturally allows.

Some quick basics about myself…

1.  I’m the author of two books: Fast Cycle Time and Relentless Growth and several articles in the Harvard Business Review.   I spend my time at the intersection of speed, innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship.

2.  Learning and exploring has always been important to me so even after leaving full-time academia, I’ve kept my foot in, most recently at Cal Tech and have taught at USC, University of Minnesota and educative education at Stanford and elsewhere.

3.  The challenges we face as a society, country and planet require solutions that reach beyond national boundaries and partisan thinking.

3.  In the work world, I’ve applied my work through consulting to corporations, public sector and non-profits.  My company’s website is