Working Wider

Working wider begins with thinking beyond today’s boundaries.  Over three posts, we’ll explore how Apple grew by blowing away traditional boundaries of product, service and content strategy . Stephen Elop, the new CEO of Nokia, recently issued a memo to Nokia employees where he compared their predicament to that of an oil worker trapped on Read more

I grew up near Cow Lane so when I think of farming, my mental images is barns and cows.   Constant recitals of America,The Beautiful in grade school enable me to see an occasional waving field of grain in the background. Fish farming?  I get it but that just raises my interest anytime I see “wild Read more

While Monday’s news of Apple CEO Steve Job’s leave-of-absence grabs most of the headlines, another Apple story broke late last week that will have more immediate impact.  Apple has told newspaper and magazine publishers that starting April 1, subscribers to print versions of their publications cannot be offered free iPad editions. As today’s market gorilla Read more

On Christmas, the New York Times ran its most riveting story of the year. Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours has all the drama of a Hollywood action movie as it recounts the final nine minutes on BP’s ill-fated rig. In contrast to the coverage of efforts to stop the ecological damage from the BP oil spill Read more

A seismic tremor rippled through the Internet this week.  Did you feel it?   The recent FCC decision opened the door for tiered service levels for wireless Internet while preserving equality among wired customers.  Just as the recession permanently altered some of our assumptions about the economy, the FCC action signals a New Normal for the Read more

I have yet to meet anyone that to one degree or another isn’t angry at the large banks’ “head’s I win, tails you lose” behavior.  With that acknowledged, this piece reaches beyond the personal anger to explore the damage done to our global competitiveness.  Part of the  remedy is to actively spread the economic ecosystem Read more

Be sure to see WorkingWider’s latest update on Apple:  Apple’s 2012 Business Strategy If you’re an Apple fan, put aside any expectations for dramatic new product introductions next year.  My bet is in 2011, Apple hardware will see only incremental improvements and cost reductions.  You can also be sure that Apple marketing strategy will tout Read more

Shortly after receiving the birth announcement of my fifth grandchild, Ms. Clover Newton, I watched Fareed Zakaria ask his studio audience if they thought their children would be better off than they were.  Not one hand went up. Welcome to the world Ms. Clover. As a nation, we are losing our competitive edge as we Read more

Lean Into the Future

In the word’s of Hollywood’s Jack Bauer from 24, the events you are about to see happen in real-time We live in the moment.  It’s the only reality we have.  We can be trapped by it as well.  When we are trapped, we hang on to the moment.  We repeat it.  It’s the exaggerated hell Read more

Apple rocked the world with the iPhone introduction in January, 2007.  At the time, smartphone leaders Nokia, Blackberry and Palm were squeezing email and PC content on to tiny screens. Apple expanded the screen, added navigation gestures followed by thousands of apps that transformed the small device into an expansive experience. If there’s any company Read more

“Change management” scares me.  It’s like selling a poorly designed product or service.  Someone has to twist your arm to buy it. We have to manage change when it’s not attractive.  Change management becomes code for convincing others to change. The less attractive the change, the more change management required.  It smacks of hierarchical thinking Read more